World's Most Popular Institute of Laparoscopic Surgery

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7 months ago


The World Laparoscopy Hospital organizes training courses to provide surgeons with a wide range of minimal access surgery techniques. “At all the three existing institutes of World Laparoscopy Hospital, In India, UAE and USA, world’s most advanced simulators are used for these purposes including laparoscopic VR simulators, animal models, human cadavers and lightly embalmed human cadavers with their effectiveness to train surgeons and gynecologist,” said Dr. B. S. BHALLA, Director Admissions. The clinical training curriculum of obstetricians-gynecologists should include laparoscopic VR simulators through an integrated evidence-based, simulation-based education program due to the growing request for advanced laparoscopic gynecologic surgery with adjustment of innovative techniques to ensure high-quality laparoscopic training. World Laparoscopy Hospital is filling this gap and educating surgeons from all over the world. All course sites and programs are peer-reviewed by the World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons educational and training committee who oversees the quality of the courses and the training therein. Special packages and reasonable prices as well as reimbursement policies have been made possible by the sponsoring partners of the WALS. “There are a bunch of opportunities of international laparoscopic training institutes we have already identified which we will evaluate and engage with,” said chairman Prf. Dr. R. K. Mishra on the possibility of future acquisition. The group has between $100-300 million in cash with the help of our partners and a well-established line of credit, which would be used for the acquisition of one or more assets, Mishra said.