Robotic Myomectomy

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Amit Kumar
1 year ago


Robotic myomectomy is a minimally invasive way for ROBOTIC surgeons to remove uterine fibroids. The DAVINCI ROBOT provides 7 degrees of freedom: 3 degrees provided by the robotic arms (insertion, pitch, yaw) and 4 degrees from the “wristed” instruments (pitch, yaw, roll, and grip). This improves dexterity and enables the DaVinci robotic surgeon to manipulate and dissect tissue in a delicate, controlled fashion. Robotic surgical technology used in uterine myoma improves efficiency, accuracy, ease, and comfort associated with the performance. Advantages of robotic myomectomy over conventional laparoscopy include the absence of tremor, a 3-dimensional image, superior instrument articulation, downscaling of movements, and comfort for the surgeon.