Dr. Mishra's Lecture on Axilloscopy at CAMLS, Florida, USA

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Amit Kumar
1 year ago


Dr. Mishra's Lecture on Axilloscopy at CAMLS, University of South Florida, USA. Fellowship of Minimal Acess Surgery Training course conducted by World Laparoscopy Training Institute, Florida, United States of America. Axilloscopy is easy to perform, provided the surgeon with constant visualization of vital anatomical structures, and allowed easy separation and dissection of the axillary lymph nodes and the first rib. As a technical aid prior to a conventional axillary dissection, or as part of a pure endoscopic procedure in the axilla, balloon axilloscopy is 100% reliable in identifying the long thoracic nerve and moving it out of the way, separating the lymph nodes from it, and from the intercostobrachial nerve and axillary vein and artery, rendering the whole dissection process safer for both the surgeon and the patient.